Our Leader

Patti Williams RN, BS, ADN

Ms. Williams is a native of Leeds, AL. Her path to caregiving began early as she often visited neighborhood widows in their homes assisting with chores, meals, hair care and gleaning wisdom. After her college graduation, she held administrative management and technical positions with IBM in Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Greensboro and Raleigh, NC. She relocated to North Carolina from Atlanta, GA in 1985.  Ms. Williams holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, AL (1976) and an Associate Degree in Nursing from Johnston Community College in Smithfield, NC (1995).

She has a diverse professional background which includes Retail Management, Systems Engineering and Corporate Administrative Management. Since childhood, Ms. Williams expressed a burning desire to become a business owner. Her first business venture was The Nail Gallery (1991-1997). This business was her first step into entrepreneurship and the catalyst for attending nursing school and entering the caregiving profession. Ms. Williams was licensed as a NC Registered Nurse in 1995. “The flexibility of the nursing profession allowed time for preparation to become a home care business owner.” She developed her nursing skills while employed at several local hospitals.

“All of my prior experiences were an asset for managing a home care business. Home care reminded me of my early days visiting and spending time with the widows in my community. I find it personally fulfilling to be of service to others.” Ms. Williams stated that she quickly discovered that home care employees often needed an advocate to be successful. “I consistently advocate for the caregivers.”

Ms. Williams has a solid history of assisting those in need. She enjoys traveling to peaceful destinations. Baking desserts is her hobby and stress reliever…family and friends are delighted!

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